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Nike Air Max 2016 Review
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  • Nike Air Max 2016 Review
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Review Summary:

The Nike Air Max 2016 is the perfect shoe for any athlete or active worker. The flexible midsole and Flywire support will keep your feet luxuriously comfortable and stabilized throughout wear.

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: To be honest with our readers, if you see this disclosure it means that we didn’t test the shoes we will mention here. However, we did online research to bring you updated and reliable information about each shoe. Ignore phrases like “Our testers wore the shoes” or any other phrases that claim that we actually test the shoes physically because it’s not true (Yes, we don’t want to misguide our readers). Keep in mind that the technical information about the shoes is reliable and true so you can trust it. However, we would recommend doing your own research before purchasing (You can click the Amazon links to see real people reviews). Good luck!


  • Lightweight design
  • Forefoot grooves enhance flexibility
  • Midsole is constructed out of rubber material
  • Mesh has an amazing ventilation system
  • Lining is very smooth, soft, and comfortable
  • The foxing is designed to replicate the food in movement
  • The Achilles tendon protector is designed to prevent blisters


  • A lot heavier than many of the alternatives
  • Tongue is a tad bit annoying
  • Style is a little simplistic

Nike is known as one of the biggest sports sponsor and the company works with hundreds of professional athletes. This often attracts consumers to the brands shoes. Surely, if Michael Jordan is wearing Nike, the brand’s shoes must be spectacular. Of course, this isn’t always true. One of the company’s hot sellers is the Nike Air Max 2016. After spotting the shoe here on Amazon, I scooped it up and received it several days later. Upon arrival, I was satisfied with the shoe’s aesthetics. They look great and definitely match the appearance online.

But, how do they fit and feel on the feet? Can they be worn in public? You’ll find out below.

Stability And Support

If you’re anything like me, you’ll absolutely love a good running shoe, which is tough, but soft. The Nike Air Max 2016 definitely possesses both characteristics. Although the shoe manages to deliver a sufficient amount of support and stability, it doesn’t do so overwhelmingly and never becomes too tight or uncomfortable. The shoe’s Waffle outsole provides the wearer with a great deal of traction, whether they’re running along a track or working behind a hot grill.

The shoe features lightweight engineered mesh, which gives it the ability to keep the foot cool, while delivering the support you need. The shoe’s midfoot features Flywire cables. This allows the wearer to customize the shoe’s fit, until they’re comfortably snug. The shoe’s back heel is stiff, but comfortable. Once you’ve put on these shoes, you’ll feel like your feet are protected from everything and supported for the situation ahead, whether that is the workday or a 5 mile run.

Nike Air Max 2016 Medial

Style And Appearance

One of the best things about Nike is the fact that the company always delivers a solid product, which is somewhat aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to the Nike Air Max, you’ll find that the style is somewhat simplistic, but it works very well. It doesn’t feature a lot of bright, bold colors or fancy designs, but this matters very little. The shoe is available in several different colors, so the wearer will be able to get precisely what is desired.

The available color schemes range from blue to white and even black. You’ll never run out of options, so everyone will be satisfied with the overall style. And, the shoe features the big Nike checkmark, which happens to be one of the biggest reasons for purchasing Nike. All in all, the appearance is simple, yet effective.

Feel And Fit

As soon as you slip your foot into the Nike Air Max 2016, you will notice the luxurious comfort. These shoes were designed with the athlete in mind, because every feature was thought out carefully, before development. The midsole portion is extremely flexible, so it will not restrict your movement or hinder your performance. The toe box is roomy enough for you to be able to wiggle your toes around and promote blood flow.

The quarter is constructed out of thick padding and soft fabric to prevent blisters. The cutoff topline is contoured for comfort, as well. This shoe will offer you the necessities needed to be comfortable throughout your workout and much, much more.

Nike Air Max 2016 Sole


Shoes, which are too heavy, can become difficult to wear over a lengthy run. They’ll put extra pressure on your joints and will simply wear out your legs, before you know it. When looking at the Nike Max Air, you’ll find that it is slightly lighter than the Nike Free 5. However, there are much lighter alternatives out there. In fact, the shoe weighs a little over 13 ounces and this is a tad bit too heavy for a running shoe. Although it wasn’t very impactful during my hour jog, I can imagine that the shoe will become somewhat over a burden over longer runs.

So, if you intend to run marathons, you may want to opt for a lighter shoe. If you’re only going to run a few hours, you shouldn’t have a problem with the 13-ounce weight.


Nike is worn by some of the world’s top athletes, so one would expect them to deliver a good working performance. Although this might not be true with each and every one of the company’s shoes, it definitely fits with the Nike Air Max 2016. The shoe possesses all of the key features needed to make a shoe comfortable, supportive and very flexible. The flex grooves give the wearer the ability to have more flexibility in their strike, while the full-length Max Air unit provides cushioning throughout.

And, the breathable mesh is great. Whether you run for a few hours or longer, you can guarantee your feet will remain dry. Finally, the Flywire cables, which are integrated into the laces, are capable of securing the shoes to your feet comfortably. Suffice to say, the performance provided by the Nike Air is great and will never leave you looking for more.

Nike Air Max 2016 Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, Nike is a popular brand and this is no coincidence. The company’s shoes are usually well received and this includes the Nike Air Max 2016. The shoes manage to satisfy in all of the most important categories, including comfort, support, and appearances. Whether you’re interested in a solid pair of running shoes or want something comfortable to wear to school or work, you will most likely find satisfaction with these shoes. For me, they’re easily recommendable. As always, I highly recommend that you check the customer reviews on Amazon HERE.

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