What is Fixmywalk.com?

Fixmywalk delivers footwear reviews, running advice and foot health guides in clear, jargon-free language that make a real impact in peoples’ lives. 

Fixmywalk is produced by editors and journalists that dedicate their focus on problem-solving, practical and accurate content. We are making a great effort to deliver the most up to date and relevant information with one goal in mind: to help you make hard decisions easier. 

By visiting Fixmywalk, you can find more information about: 

  • What are the best footwear for you current situation
  • What you can do in order to solve your foot issues
  • How to choose the best footwear for you
At the end of the day we’ve come together to do the comprehensive necessary research to bring you the most effective insights and footwear reviews. 


Abby is a mother, writer and running enthusiast. She has great skills in research and curating information. “I was always frustrated seeing too many health sites fail to provide actionable information to their readers. So, I made a commitment to make sure our insights here on Fixmywalk can be followed with confidence by regular people with busy lives, not just Hollywood celebrities with personal trainers.”

Stewart is a professional writer with over 10 years of freelance writing experience. He has written many product reviews and he’s doing it amazing. Stewart lives in Maine and recently joined us to contribute a top-notch, reliable and accurate content.

Melissa is a New York based freelance writer, content strategist, and editor. A longtime fitness enthusiast, much of her writing is health- and exercise-focused, nutrition-centric, and geared towards well-being.

Sarah is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. She has a background in dance and fitness, and enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics, including exercise, nutrition, fashion, and more. In her free time, she enjoys traveling.

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