9 Best Running Socks of 2023 Reviewed (Must Read Before Buying)

Running shoes are wonderful. They’ll keep your feet comfortable, but they’re not capable of performing miracles. Without the right pair of socks, your feet will develop blisters. Using the perfect combination of the right shoes and socks will help to protect your feet, while also allowing you to perform at the top of your game. Below, you’ll learn more about my research into the best running socks of 2023.

List of the Best Running Socks Reviewed

1. Balega Hidden Comfort Tab Running Sock

Balega Hidden Comfort Tab Running Sock

Need to soup up your style, while giving your feet more comfort and support? If so, you may find the Balega Hidden Comfort Athletic Running sock suitable for your liking. This sock was designed with the pickiest and active person in mind. Its craftsmanship is superior, ensuring durability and longevity, so consumers are ensured their money’s worth. The sock is available in an array of colors, including passion, black, screaming green, dynamic blue and many others.

The seamless toe will eliminate the risk of blisters, which is very commonly caused by thick seams. The Drynamix Polyester, Elastic and Polyamide Nylon materials will provide adequate cushioning, breathability and flexibility, without becoming loose after an hour of wear.

The Balega Hidden Comfort Tab Running Sock is the key to keeping feet comfortable, supported and healthy. The socks are extremely easy to put on, and if you downsize, the fit will be perfect, as well.


  • Seamless toe
  • Heel tabs to prevent slipping
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Mesh design for breathability
  • No-show design


  • Slightly larger than other brands
  • More suitable for cold weather

2. Darn Tough Athletic Socks

Darn Tough Athletic Socks

The Darn Tough Athletic Socks are not available in a bunch of colors or styles. Nevertheless, the 3 color schemes that are available should be cool enough to satisfy the mass majority of consumers. More importantly, these socks serve their purpose exceptionally well. They’re nearly perfect for running. The socks are made in the United States with fine gauge Merino wool. This type of wool is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Plus, the sock is unconditionally guaranteed for life. With the true seamless construction, you can perform at your peak level, without worrying about developing blisters.

It is truly very difficult to beat the Darn Tough Merino Wool Athletic Socks. They’re definitely a good investment for serious runners. They’re tough, durable and very comfortable.


  • Merino wool is a great addition
  • Never slips up and down
  • Seamless design prevents blisters
  • Guaranteed for life


  • Very few color options
  • A little low on the ankle

3. Saucony Performance No-Shoe Socks

Saucony Performance No-Shoe Socks

The Saucony Performance No-Shoe Sock was specifically designed to provide comfort and support under the toughest conditions. Whether you are a heavy runner or just have naturally sweaty feet, the run dry moisture management and air mesh venting system will provide just the right amount of ventilation to ensure that your feet stay fresh and dry.

In addition to this, the targeted arch compression system supported the arches of your feet, while preventing the socks from slipping during heavy activity. When you combine all of this with the cushioned sole, you truly have the ultimate pair of socks that can withstand any training session.

With 95% polyester, 3% rubber, and 2% spandex construction, you will not find a more durable and comfortable pair of socks that provides moisture protection like these.


  • Targeted arch compression system supports arches
  • Cushioned sole provides extreme comfort
  • Air mesh venting provides the maximum amount of ventilation
  • Ultra-wicking fibers help keep feet dry and cool
  • Package incudes 6 pairs of socks


  • The sole is a little thicker than cotton socks
  • They are machine washable, but don’t handle it well

4. CEP Dynamic+ Short Socks

CEP Dynamic+ Short Socks

The CEP Dynamic+ Socks are ideal for running and cross-training. They’re compression socks and will remain tight to your feet throughout the entire running session. On top of this, the socks are available in plenty of cool color schemes. The compression technology helps to improve circulation throughout the feet, while also preventing swelling. Another great thing about this sock is the fact that it is backed up by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee from CEP.

There is truly no risk involved. These socks can keep your feet feeling comfortable, dry and less fatigued after a difficult run.

Compression socks can be a little awkward at first. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that you’ll absolutely love the CEP Dynamic+ Sock once you’ve adapted to it. The sock is great for runners. You owe it to yourself to give this sock a closer inspection.


  • Buyer is protected by a customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Improves circulation
  • Prevents swelling
  • Helps to reduce fatigue


  • Takes a little getting used to

5. Nike Elite Cushioned No-Show Running Sock

Nike Elite Cushioned No-Show Running Sock

Nike is one of the most versatile brands in the world. They produce amazing running shoes and socks. The company’s Nike Elite Cushioned Running Sock just happens to be one of their most amazing products. This sock is available in more than 10 colors. In fact, it is nearly impossible to match the versatility of the Elite Running Sock. The sock is equipped with the unique Dri-Fit technology. This addition helps to keep the wearer’s feet free of sweat.

The Foot Strike Zonal Cushioning Zone ensures the sock helps to absorb the impact. When you’re running along, these socks will absorb the impact and keep your feet safe and comfortable.

The Nike Elite Cushioned Running Sock isn’t flawless, but it comes very close. As long as you manage to get the right size, you’ll love these socks. If you don’t, they might be uncomfortable or impossible to wear.


  • Available in tons of different colors
  • Dri-FIT technology keeps your feet dry
  • Zonal cushioning absorbs the impact in key areas
  • Can handle heavy use


  • A little too tight
  • Sizing is off

6. Asics Intensity Single Tab Running Socks

Asics Intensity Single Tab Running Socks

The Asics Intensity Single Tab Running Sock is perfect for anyone that spend hours on their feet, regardless of activities. The craftsmanship is outstanding, ensuring longevity and durability. The Asics logo is located across the top of the foot and is the same color as the heel and toe. The heel tab allows you to pull the sock on with ease, plus it will provide additional cushioning for the top of the heel.

The nylon, spandex and polyester materials are capable of providing support, flexibility, breathability, and comfort. The seamless toe will eliminate the risk of blisters, which is commonly caused by thick seams. The arch is embedded with a support band, which is unique, and also can help with a flat foot.

The Asics Intensity Single Tab Running Sock is an idea for someone that runs and stands on his or her feet for long periods of time. The beautiful multi-colored design is available in both black and white. The heel, toe and logo match, giving the sock more uniqueness without compromising style.


  • Seamless toe
  • Embedded with an arch support band
  • Flexible and breathable design
  • Heel tab for easy putting on
  • Large Asics logo located on the top and bottom of the sock
  • Do not stretch or shrink


  • Runs a little large
  • The heel and toe is slightly thicker than necessary

7. Reebok Performance Athletic No Show Low Cut Sock

Reebok Performance Athletic No Show Low Cut Sock

How would you like to buy a pair of socks that are affordable, comfort and downright perfect for running? If so, you definitely need to check out the Reebok Performance Athletic No Show Low Cut Sock. Despite delivering an incredible performance, these socks are surprisingly affordable. In fact, you can get 6 pairs for a very low price. The socks are convenient, because they can be machine washed. They also feature a cushioned foot bed so that the impact will be absorbed with each step.

While the sock does have a toe seam, it is designed to deliver comfort. You’ll never have to worry about the seam cutting into your toe or developing a blister. Finally, the sock features a reinforced heel. This feature allows the socks to last nearly a lifetime.

The Reebok Performance Athletic Sock is great. In fact, it is difficult to find a flaw with this specific sock. Nevertheless, my extensive research uncovered a few slight cons. They’re not deal breakers, but they should be known before your purchase is made.


  • Low price for 6 pairs
  • Cushioned foot bed for added comfort
  • Heel is reinforced
  • Features a comfortable toe seam
  • Thin band keeps feet dry


  • May sink into the shoes
  • Sizing may be off a little

8. PUMA 6-Pack Low Cut Socks

PUMA 6-Pack Low Cut Socks

PUMA is a great brand with plenty of amazing products. The company’s Low Cut Socks are pretty great in the most important categories. They’re available in various color schemes, and they include 6-pairs per pack. This makes the already low price even more justifiable. The sock is super comfortable. Whether you’re going for a run or are heading to work, you’ll definitely appreciate the level of comfort these socks can deliver. Plus, they’re machine washable. This extends their lifespan, while also making the maintenance of the socks far easier

The PUMA 6-Pack Low Cut Socks are impressive in the right areas. They’re comfortable, attractive, and easy to keep clear. For the price, you need to check them out as soon as possible.


  • Great for all purposes
  • Machine washable
  • Very comfortable
  • Price is right


  • A little hot
  • Somewhat too thick

9. Swiftwick Aspire ZERO No Show

Swiftwick Aspire ZERO No Show

The Swiftwick Aspire ZERO Running Sock is perfect for those that have experienced blisters after wearing their uncomfortable socks. The craftsmanship is superior, ensuring an extended durability and longevity. With so many available colors, you will be able to find a style to match every active wear outfit you own. The brand logo is located on the inner and outer ankle, plus the brand name is located above the toe.

The olefin blend fabric utilized to make the Swiftwick Aspire is guaranteed to wick moisture away from the skin, while offering significant breathability. The toe is sculptured, as well as the footbed to eliminate the risk of blisters caused by bunching in the toebox.

Swiftwick Aspire ZERO No Show Compression Running Sock is available in an array of colors. The design is perfect for those looking for a lot of comfort and support during long periods of wear. The fact that these are made in the United States says a lot about the socks’ craftsmanship.


  • Seamless toe
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Sculptured footbed and toe
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Compression Technology to decrease edema and improve circulation


  • Slightly smaller in size
  • The sock is not truly a no-show design because the top of the sock can be seen near the cuff

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