Best shoes for plantar fasciitis of 2017

As a person who had been through many issues with the plantar fasciitis (heel pain) I used to spend a lot of money on shoes in order to eliminate my pain. Among many shoes that I tried, some caused partially relief and rarely eliminated the pain and some, rather, did the opposite and exacerbate my heel pain. In addition to that I consulted with some podiatrists, which helped me to decide which shoe fit the best for me. So, as you can guess I gained a lot of a useful experience during my research for the best shoes for plantar fasciitis and I hope that mbest shoes for plantar fasciitisy post will help people like me to save their money and eliminate their pain. In short, this post is dedicated to showing and recommending people who suffer from plantar fasciitis (heel pain) which shoes to buy.

When you are looking for shoes for your plantar fasciitis, you need to look for three major properties.

  • Heel support (Better shock absorption).
  • Arch support with a Firm ankle.
  • Good cushioning.

It may sound complicated but, don’t worry, all the hard work and the tedious searching have done for you!

The following post will be divided into two parts, the first part: list of the top five shoes for plantar fasciitis that excelling in all of the criteria, you can notice that all of them are running shoes, which are the best for heel pain and any issue that caused by the plantar fasciitis. I know that the running shoes design is not formal or casual, but you have to consider that your top priority is for the support and not for the look or design! By the way, in my opinion they have good look too. The second part is for people who really can’t deal with the look of the running shoes and looking for more casual or formal shoe design, but REMEMBER that the running shoes are still the best for your healing and should be number one on your list.

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis – Men & Women

*Full reviews below the table

nimbus18mASICS Men's Gel-Nimbus 18

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 18
kayano22mASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 22

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 22
nb1540v2-mNew Balance Men's M1540V2

New Balance Women's W1540V2
gts16mBrooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 16

Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 16

guide9mSaucony Men's Guide 9

Saucony Women's Guide 9

 1. Asics Gel Nimbus 18

Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: MenWomen






The Nimbus 18 is the best cushioning shoe in the market today thanks to its improved midsole system. The new heel clutching system provides a suited environment for the heel while supporting the foot and keeping its stability, what make it perfect for heel pain. In this model, Asics improved the Rearfoot and forefoot GEL  units in order to create a perfect cushioning area. People with natural or high arch feet (supinators) will enjoy the most from the Nimbus 18 amazing features but, for over pronators or people with flat feet I would highly recommend checking the Kayano 22 down below.

Pros-icon Pros: The best for high arches or natural feet, Perfect cushioning, Comfortable, Nice durability.

cross icon Cons: Price tag, Slightly heavy.


2. Asics Gel Kayano 22

Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women






This shoe worked the best in my case and I am still using it since the 20 model, the Kayano 22 is the Asics latest release for overpronators and people with flat feet. The DueMax support system grants outstanding arch support by placing firmer foam on the arch side and that’s in addition to the same amazing midsole and heel clutching from the Nimbus 18. In my opinion, the Kayano 22 is the best shoe for over pronators who suffer from plantar fasciitis and this is thanks to its support system, but, despite my opinion, I would recommend it to natural runners too, since I’ve met a lot of natural runners that using this shoe. By the way, if you can’t afford it due to the expensive price, you should check the Asics GT 2000 4, but always consider that the Kayano’s are still better.

Pros-icon Pros: The best for over pronators and people with flat feet, Excellent arch support, Soft cushioning feel, Quality of materials.

cross icon Cons: Price tag, The fit is slightly tight (just take 1/2 size up or wider size).


3. New Balance 1540V2 

Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women






The New Balance 1540v2 is one of the best motion control shoes that available in the market today. This model, which is recommended by many podiatrists, has received mass of support and positive feedbacks from the plantar fasciitis crowd. This shoe was designed not just with ultimate stability and motion control properties, but also with soft cushioning in order to grant comfortable supportive fit from the heel to the toe box. The combining of the ROLLBAR technology with the 10mm heel-to-toe drop provides amazing heel and arch support all over your foot. I think that it is enough to read a few customer reviews (that related to plantar fasciitis) on amazon to understand that this shoe is perfect for heel pain. I also highly recommend the New Balance Men’s 990V3 for another plantar fasciitis friendly shoes.

Pros-icon Pros: Perfect motion control, Great stability, Amazing heel and arch support, Comfortable.

cross icon Cons: Toe box is narrow (just take wider size / 0.5 size up / 1 size  up if you with orthotics)


4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women






Brooks! I had such a good time with this company and till today I’m recommending big part of their shoes for people with different feet issue’s. What I love about the Adrenaline GTS 16 is the ability to provide incredible support, cushion, and balance at the same time without detracting a quality from other features. I used the 14′ and the 15′ models (before the Kayano 22) and had an amazing relief with great feel even in long runs, my friend, Montana, bought this shoe 2 months ago by following my advice, so I decided to bring her SMS message from week ago:

“Thank you Alice I own you! I really love them, they are absoulotly work for my plantar issues. I can actually walk and even run pain free now. They do run just a bit small. I’m consistently a size 7 but I wish I would have ordered 1/2 size bigger”.

For my opinion if you have severe heel pain and really bad plantar fasciitis you should take the Adrenaline GTS 15, which have a bit more cushioning in the heel, but if you have moderate issue’s, the Adrenaline GTS 16 is probably the best for you.

Pros-icon Pros: Great durability, Improved heel support properties, New arch shanks – provide additional support, Good arch support.

cross icon Cons: Less Cushion in the heel in compare to the previous model, Not so light (not so heavy either)


5. Saucony Guide 9

Check Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon: Men | Women






Saucony are offering a lot of shoes who claim to be “Plantar fasciitis supportive” but in this case, I guarantee you will get the most relief with the Guide 9, which is probably the best for heel pain in this series. The Saucony Guide 9 has PowerGrid midsole – a combination of power foam and grid technology in order to absorb impact and distribute pressure all over the leg. This feature provides a lot more cushioning, reduced weight, smooth heel to toe motion and durable heel support, but we didn’t finish yet. The 9′ model has built with the SRC Crash Pad and IBR+ outsole technologies, these technologies in addition to the midsole properties are generating perfect support and cushion for the heel and that’s what make the Saucony Guide 9 excellent for people with plantar fasciitis. If you are looking for a great replacement check the Kinvara 7.

Pros-icon Pros: Very supportive, Cushiony heel, Lightweight feel, Grants stability.

cross icon Cons: Lack of sizes due to new models, Infrequently the forefoot feels narrow.


Ok, so this was part one of this post, by the way, the shoes that I listed here are also the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis as you can understand. Part two of the post will engage with casual shoes, work shoes and walking shoes for plantar fasciitis.


The best casual / work shoes for plantar fasciitis – Women

Reviews below the table

73047_WHITE_PURPLEOrthaheel Action Walker~4/5
343811_366_45FitFlop Women's Lunetta Thong Sandal~4.5/5
ihwx.d4679f45-e5f1-41b3-829c-ea7408655793.1500.1500Alegria Women's Paloma Flat~4.3/5

1. Orthaheel Action Walker


Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon

To all the women out there who suffer from plantar fasciitis and need a bit more casual shoe I can definitely say without any doubt that this is the shoe for you! I had an amazing experience with the Orthaheel Walker during my plantar fasciitis treatment and I can say proudly that this shoe made my “everyday work routine” better by any mean. Orthaheel shoes are most know as Podiatrist-designed shoes so you have someone to rely on in this area. Comfortability, arch supporting and deep heel cap are just few of features that I can mention in quick thought about this shoe, and if you still worried I suggest you to read the detailed feedbacks and buyers reviews here .

Alternative: Brooks Women’s Addiction.

Pros-icon Pros: Outstanding heel and arch support, Super comfort, Amazing reviews and support from consumers.

cross icon Cons: May cause durability issues after six months or later.


2. FitFlop Lunetta Thong Sandal


Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon

As for today, I own four FitFlop pairs and all of them serving my interest in the best way that I can expect supportive sandal. With the Lunetta Thong model, FitFlop are offering comfort and style in the same package which is great for woman who looks for them both. The comfortable sole features a biomechanically engineered Mircrowobbleboard midsole – maybe sound a bit long but can be summed up into one word and it is: satisfaction, at least in the way that I feel about it. Another great feature is the shock absorption that done by the padded footbed combining with high heel support. the  Lunetta Thong is also jewel-embellished what is making it looks good and more stylish

Alternative: Vionic Julie II Sandal.

Pros-icon Pros: Comfortable and Stylish, Amazing shock absorption, heel support.

cross icon Cons: According some opinions they are too much thick, but it is the plantar fasciitis support cost.


3. Alegria Paloma Flat


Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon

The best mary jane flat from Alegria that offers a wide range of  amazing colors and designs, what’s making it wonderful for women, as you know we have individual taste in colors, sometimes it can take hours for choosing only one shoe and actually we love it!. The Paloma not just looks good but also feel great on the feet and that’s because of the ultra soft leather interior  that built in, like the FitFlops it has high heel support and padded footbed what cause support in the plantar fasciitis by shock absorption. From my experience, you will feel good at the moment that they will be on your feet, definitely worth the price for Women who can not compromise on their style!

Alternative: Orthaheel Women’s Elisa Mary Jane.

Pros-icon Pros: Wide range of designs and colors, Very supportive, Good shock absorption.

cross icon Cons: The price is slightly high in compare to others in this area.



The best casual / work shoes for plantar fasciitis – Men

Reviews below the table

0daefa7d2d96c5cfd1be256d07d1cfb7ORTHAHEEL Men's Walker~4/5
166210_366_45Brooks Men's Addiction Walker~4.6/5
321082_200_45New Balance Men's MW928~4.4/5

1. Orthaheel Men’s Walker


Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon

The Orthaheel Walker is definitely the best-rated shoe that designed especially for plantar fasciitis care, you can read what I wrote above in the women section about the Orthaheel action walker that I had experience with, now I present the men’s model. Like I mentioned above Orthaheel shoes are Podiatrist-developed, this current model is coming equipped with a contoured arch support and a deep heel cup combined with the Molded EVA midsole. This features will not only eliminate the heel pain but also improve the gait at the heel-to-toe strike zone. If you need shoes for standing all day at work or even little bit casually instead the running shoes this is your model.

Alternative: Propet Men’s Stability Walker Sneaker.

Pros-icon Pros: Top rated walking shoe for plantar fasciitis, Looks casual, Designed especially to take care of plantar fasciitis, Perfect arch & heel support properties.

cross icon Cons: Size is slight small (just order up 1/2 or 1 size bigger)


2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker


Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon

When I am reviewing Brooks products I always inform the readers that they have a deal with one of the most trusted manufacturers in the healthy shoes area out there. As you can read in the top at the Adrenaline GTS 14 review, I had good times with their shoes and this is one of many. The Addiction Walker has full-grain leather upper that grants it softness of a running shoes in addition of strong support, new resistant outsole and unique durability. This shoe is supported by many people with plantar fasciitis and achieved almost full positive rate as you can see in the consumer reviews . In my opinion, they look awesome for everyday work and even for formal events, trust me, I am a female!

Alternative: Saucony Men’s Grid Omni.

Pros-icon Pros: Supporting low arches, Trusted company, Looks great, Excellent durability, Softness feel.

cross icon Cons: Pricey  in compare to other shoes, but definitely worth it.


3. New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe


Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon

The New Balance MW928 is the newest model from the New Balance’s 920 series which is best known for its massive stability and motion control which is important for plantar fasciitis treatment. Using the NB exclusive ROLLBAR technology with ABZORB midfoot structure this shoe provides soft cushioning and maximum stability especially for overpronators. Personally I didn’t have experience with this model but over 750 happy consumers with positive reviews are not wrong. Like all of the New Balance shoes, this one is approved by Medicare for diabetics and recommended by a lot of podiatrists. So if you had previous experience with New Balance and you are trying to eliminate your heel pain even for long standing on your feet at work, you should try this one.

Alternative: Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal.

Pros-icon Pros: Maximum stability, Soft cushioning, Good for overweight people.

cross icon Cons: Bit stiffer than previous models.


*Update: June 13, 2016 – READ THIS!fast plantar fasciitis cure

Hello, it’s Alice here! In the recent months, I spent about 70 percent of my time checking and researching hundreds of Plantar fasciitis treatment products, cures, guides, books, and supplements. During my research, I found a few useful treatment methods and some supplements that actually worked for my clients. I still highly recommend a pair of appropriate shoes for plantar fasciitis, as one of the most important steps for your healing process, but I also found a product that really impressed me with its results. Today after 3 months of experience with this product, I find myself consistently recommending it for all of my clients. The product is an E-book called “Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure“. The E-book includes a bunch of effective treatments and some uncommon treatment methods, which help to eliminate the pain and help to naturally restore the tissue in the feet. Among many products, I found this E-book extremely effective for my clients and this one actually cured their plantar fasciitis, of course with an aid of proper shoes. Also for August 2015, the product has qualified for the Doctor Trusted™ Seal, so you have a medically trusted product with this one. Of course, all the methods that appear there are natural. So in addition to proper shoes, I highly recommend this product for everyone, who want to eliminate his or her Plantar fasciitis fast and effectively with minimal costs. You can read more information about the product HERE.

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  • Erin Pearman Ristow

    I recommend checking out Olukai flip-flops too! When my physical therapist told me to go buy a pair, I thought she was crazy. Now most of my extended family wears them too because they are phenomenal for arch support. I am looking at purchasing a pair of flats from them for the same reason.

  • Brandy Johnson

    I want to thank you for this – been doing a ton of research on this issue as I have been suffering from PF for about 8 months now and it’s debilitating some days. I have normal/high arches and have recently started going on walks again with my 13 year old – in hopes of some reprieve. My 6 year old stiff nikes aren’t cutting it. Not to mention, somehow they got tighter (feet spreading a bit with age?). I also discovered (at about the same time as the PF started) a bump on my left heel which i now know is referred to as Haglunds deformity….no idea how all this stuff is popping at once so comfortable shoes on our walks is key. I’ve been buying them like mad looking for something that will relieve the pain when on my feet – only to find employees at shoe stores have NO IDEA what shoes to suggest for these issues. This article – which closely ties in with others that have written about the best shoes for PF – is a huge help – so TY! 🙂

  • Thank you for the 2015 update. I am soooo frustrated and am in so much pain everyday. I have tried everything for the past 10 months. This is my second time in 6 yrs. having it. I am now seeing a chiropractor who is doing the graston technique which I am hoping helps the PF and heel spur.

    I have bought so many shoes, orthotics, splints, walking boot and iced and rolled and do recommended stretching and yoga. As soon as I think it is getting better, I go for a walk on the treadmill or have to do a lot of walking for work and it is back and inflamed more than ever.

    I am so over this ! It is difficult to explain to others how much pain you are in when you are still walking around. It seems that it’s not the shoes but whether I stay completely off of it and rest it.

  • Guru

    I developed acute Plantar Fascitis primarily because I was careless about my footwear over the years. After futilely trying different inserts to see if they’ll cure it, I bit the bullet and bought two pairs of Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker shoes. They worked like magic and the condition has pretty much gone away. I travel a lot and am on my feet for almost the whole day when sight-seeing so it’s such a pleasure not to be hobbling around with excruciating pain. I have lately bought a pair of New Balance MW928’s but they their shape is weird and looks like something that a doctor ordered.

    • Yeah, most of the people don’t aware of how much their footwear is affecting their health over the years. Thank you for the great recommendations!

    • Queen Mum

      EXACTLY! My husband ordered a pair of MW928 without asking me and I thought what in the world, I’m not old enough to be seen with someone wearing those! 😉

    • Anneliese

      don’t blame it on the shoes you used to wear; I had been wearing sensible shoes all my life and still developed a horrible PF.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for providing these detailed, comprehensive list about the best shoes for preventing plantar fasciitis, you have taken the time to list the pros and cons all shoes which is great. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Thanks for your time on putting together this article. Thanks for the information on the running shoes.

  • Brittany

    Now I know that these shoes help with plantar fasciitis, but I work in an environment where I am walking on concrete for 10 hours at a time, about 10 to 15 miles a day for four days straight. Would running shoes be the best in this situation? or are there any walking shoes that would be better?

    • As I mentioned earlier, in terms of maximum support, you should always prefer the running shoes! 🙂

    • Queen Mum

      Try Sanita brand shoes. If you are familiar with Danskos, Sanita is the original but unlike Dansko which has changed, Sanita is still great for comfort and support. Along with Birkenstock, I almost exclusively wear Sanita for my plantar fasciitis and back pain prevention. Their clogs make if possible for me to be on my feet on hard surfaces for hours without pain!

  • Kay

    Would you prefer Birkenstock? Or Kuru?

  • Patrick Dunn

    These are great for casual shoes but some of us require dress shoes for work. There appear to be zero options for dress shoes.

    • Queen Mum


  • Laura Biasotti


  • Me

    These are a great list of shoe’s for Plantar fasciitis. I also have done exstensive research on Plantar Fasciitis after my encounter with PF. I am a daily runner, and i also run in marothons. When i discovered i had Plantar Fasciitis, it devastated me. Not being able to run was depressing for me, Once I finally cured my PF after numerous visits to the podiatrist and online products, I found what worked for me and helped out some of my running partners, I also created a site to give away all the info that i have learned about it

  • Jan Schmitt

    Do you know if Asics Gel Kayano 23, which seems to be the current number, is as good as the 22