Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet of 2019

Throughout the years, I have always tried to take care of myself. Whenever I get the chance, I run, jog and workout. This isn’t always easy. Unfortunately, I am one of the many individuals, who are unlucky enough to suffer from flat feet. When I run, a tremendous amount of pressure is placed directly on my feet. The flatness results in the impact directly hitting the foot. In a normal individual, the force would spread evenly throughout the foot. In my case, this results in quite a bit of pain and makes it difficult for me to keep it up.

Of course, I haven’t faced this condition lying down. Instead, I’ve read and studied up on the condition. First, I tried a number of different stretches, which are supposed to help. Sure, they did for a limited period of time. Finally, I began shopping for a new pair of shoes. Over a period of time, I went through twenty or thirty pairs of running shoes! Each claimed to be the best running shoes for flat feet. Some were excellent, while others were a major let down. Others performed excellently and kept my feet comfortable for a period of time, before they started to hurt again.

After a period of thorough research and experimentation, I finally discovered the shoes that worked best and lasted for an extensive period of time! Despite what many people believe, price isn’t always a factor and paying more doesn’t mean your shoes will last longer. Since others out there also suffer from flat feet, I have decided to offer some advice and help! Don’t follow the trial and error method, as I have done. Instead, read my reviews below and you will be able to discover the very best running shoes for flat feet. I hope to be able to save you money and protect you from a tremendous amount of pain!

The best running shoes for flat feet – Men & Women

Reviews below the table

 1. Asics GT 2000 3


The Asics GT-2000 3 is constructed with a lot of padding around the heel area, which is perfect for someone with flat fleet. The unique sole design will provide the perfect amount of support for your heels, ankles, and the soles of your feet, without causing discomfort. These athletic shoes are also very aesthetically appealing, because you do not need to look, as if you are wearing a shoe that is suitable for flat feet. The 9.6 ounce weight feature is also great, since you do not want to add more stress to your tibialis anterior muscles, which could cause muscle cramps and fatigue.

The FluidRide midsole will also strengthen your power to push off on every step. This will surely boost your performance, while secretly supporting your feet and ankles. You will be able to run for many miles, without experiencing pain, discomfort, or fatigue.

The gel cushion will also help absorb force and pressure that is placed on your feet, when you are walking or running. I have found this feature very beneficial, since I no longer have to soak my feet after each morning run.

Pros-icon Pros: Excellent arch support and long wearing comfort.

cross icon Cons: Very narrow construction and not suitable for those with wide feet.

2. Asics Gel Kayano 21


There is no doubt that Asics is one of the leading brands in running shoes. The Gel Kayano 21 was absolutely brilliant for me! They’re designed with a very comfortable rubber sole and an impact guidance system, which will undoubtedly help individuals suffering from flat feet. The FluidRide bounce back cushioning proved to be very comfortable and protected my feet from unnecessary stress.

During my time with the Kayano 21, I can say for sure that I would most certainly purchase them again. Whether you’re suffering from flat feet, or just want a pair of excellent running shoes, I could easily recommend these! They’re comfortable and provided me with many months of pure comfort and pain free running.

Many will be turned away by the price, as I originally was. Of course, this is the only potential con that I could discover. Still, I could tell a major difference in the comfort level of the Kayano shoes and less expensive alternatives. For that specific reason, I typically recommend these specific shoes over many of the others. They’re excellent for all different purposes, whether you want to eliminate foot pain, run, or just wear a stylish pair of shoes. If price isn’t a factor and you can afford it, go for these! You will not regret it!

Pros-icon Pros: Excellent comfort and cushioning. Exceptional material quality for proven longevity.

cross icon Cons: A little expensive. Sizing can be off a little. Be sure to purchase a size a tad bigger for a better fit.

3. Brooks Beast 14


Most individuals have probably never heard of Brooks. Don’t feel left out, because I was in the same boat, before I started my search. Eventually, I purchased the Brooks beast 14 shoes and was pleasantly surprised. For a lesser-known brand, the shoes are actually very durable and very comfortable! They’re also available in a wide variety of different color schemes, if you’re worried about looking stylish. I selected the red and black color scheme, purchased them and began my experiment.

Overall, the shoes are fitted with a good amount of cushioning. The cushioning system was somewhat awkward at first, until it started to mold perfectly to my foot. After a day or so, the cushioning adapted to my foot and I felt like I was floating on thin air! When running, you will not have to worry about foot pain, thanks to the shock absorbers. These shoes provide total comfort and are capable of transferring the impact throughout the foot for less pain and stress.

The Brooks might not be up to par with the Asics, but they’re a good alternative. The price is a little on the expensive end and the shoes were a little too stiff, which put them slightly under the Asics. Otherwise, they’re good shoes for flat-footed individuals.

Pros-icon Pros: Tons of cushioning, which adapts to your specific foot size and shape. Very good shock absorbers for running.

cross icon Cons: A tad too expensive for the quality. Too stiff for total comfort.

4. New Balance 940v2


While it is very important to support your flat feet, it is also just as important to have flexibility, when you are working out. The fortfoot flex grooves will definitely add superior comfort for your feet, even when you are running long distances.

The New Balance 940v2 is the perfect shoe for someone that has severe flat feet, since the external stability plate will improve your balance. The super heavy duty sole is extremely shock absorbent, so you will not experience tenderness, after your run. This is also a great feature for those that are heavyweight.

The synthetic mesh is very flexible, so you will not receive a lot of stress and pressure on your toes, which can be a problem for flat footed individuals. Without this flexibility, you could potentially see blisters or corns appear over a very short period of time.

I definitely have found the 940v2 shoes very comfortable, even after long wear. The Ortholite foam inserts and mesh fabric allow the air to disperse evenly and throughout the entire shoe, so my feet are not drenched from sweat.

Pros-icon Pros: The wide size variations make them the perfect shoe for individuals with likewise size feet.

cross icon Cons: Insole is lacking in providing a new shoe feeling (bouncy and cushioning), after several uses, which is very disappointing, I must say.

5. Saucony Omni 13 


A few years ago, Saucony was a fairly unknown brand. However, they’ve gained quite the reputation over the past few years. During my time with the Saucony Omni 13, I can easily see why. Not only are the shoes entirely affordable, but also they’re actually very comfortable! They worked well to prevent me from experiencing pain. At almost 12 ounces, the shoes are very lightweight. When I went running in these shoes, they never put unnecessary stress on my feet.

With the Arch-Lock, you can guarantee that these shoes will fit comfortably! When I wore them, I never felt the shoes slipping up and down on my feet, which was definitely nice. The PowerGrid system works extremely well to spread out the impact from running. Even with my condition, I never felt a lot of pressure on one specific portion of my foot. The shoes are very comfortable and are well ventilated to keep your feet dry and relaxed, whether you’re running or just heading out to the store!

Overall, the Saucony Omni 13 is an excellent shoe that is good for the flat footed. Of course, they are not perfect. Unfortunately, the cushioning wore out on me fairly quickly. The shoes are also a little too stiff for my liking. Still, they’re a little cheaper and will definitely help your flat footedness.

Pros-icon Pros: Decent comfort and will provide support for flat-footed people. Very affordable.

cross icon Cons: A little too stiff for me. The durability and longevity aren’t the best.


At the end of the day, some individuals will have a different opinion, when it comes to the best running shoes for flat feet. My opinion is based on a wide research and a lot of experience so I sincerely hope that my provided information will be able to help you make the right purchase. Hopefully, you will be able to purchase a pair of shoes that will help to eliminate your pain and allow you to experience an improved life!

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