Asics Gel Nimbus 16 review

//Asics Gel Nimbus 16 review

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: To be honest with our readers, if you see this disclosure it means that we didn’t test the shoes we will mention here. However, we did online research to bring you updated and reliable information about each shoe. Ignore phrases like “Our testers wore the shoes” or any other phrases that claim that we actually test the shoes physically because it’s not true (Yes, we don’t want to misguide our readers). Keep in mind that the technical information about the shoes is reliable and true so you can trust it. However, we would recommend doing your own research before purchasing (You can click the Amazon links to see real people reviews). Good luck!

Asics Gel Nimbus 16 review

Run on clouds? This common phrase is no longer just a quote from an advertisement, with the new Nimbus 16 Asics proves that they really take care of their runners comfort. When we saw the Nimbus sixteen at the first time, we were doubted about its features and quality. After running a couple of miles with it, most of our doubts were gone, although some minor downsides that we found the running was amazing with plush and soft sensation. Asics did a great job with the new fluid fit upper and by adding more gel pockets, what makes it one of the best cushioning shoes in the market today.


The sole

Similarly to the previous nimbus model, the Nimbus 16 sole made of rubber and equipped with the FluitRide feature – the latests evolution of Asics midsole system. The FluitRide system grants a bounce-back effect and great cushioning, moreover, the midsole is lighter now and its durability has improved. One downside that we found in our research with this running shoes is that despite the great effort that Asics made on purpose to reduce the shoes weight, it’s still heavy in comparing to another running shoes, Fortunately the fantastic outsole and midsole structures are offsetting this drawback.

The midsole

The midsole

Likewise the midsole structure, there aren’t major changes in the outsole since the Nimbus 15. The outsole covered by AHAR – acronym for Asics High Abrasion Rubber, the AHAR placed mainly in the heel and the forefoot outsole in order to improve the cushioning and the durability of the outsole at the critical areas.

The outsole

The outsole

Due to the features that we mentioned above in the review, the Nimbus 16 is a great choice for long runs, Jason Ward our marathon runner reported on a big amount of positive feedbacks about this shoe by the marathon runners community. On the other hand, the heavy weight of the shoe makes it bad for fast pace runs.

Cushioning system

The Nimbus 16, as the other models in the Nimbus series, belongs to the cushioning type of running shoes. By many running shoes, the Nimbus series models are known for their extraordinary cushioning system. The structure of the cushioning system in this model is a gel filling unit that placed in the forefoot and the rarefoot. The whole gel system provides reduced shock when the feet hitting the ground and also when it pushing off the ground. In addition to that, with this great system, runners will be able to run in different planes without any issues.

In the 16’s model of this series, Asics made minor improvements in the cushioning system by increasing the gel units in the forefoot and rarefoot and expanding the rarefoot gel unit area. According to many consumers, it feels like “running on clouds” and have a plush sensation. Although the extra gel units in this model, when we tested it by running a five miles route we found that the Nimbus 16’s don’t give the same ultra-soft landing as the 15’s did, however they were faster and lighter than the previous model.

The gel system

The gel system

The upper

Asics claim that with their upper structure, the relationship between the runner’s foot and the upper unit will be “truly customized glove-like fit”, so we went out to check the claims. The Nimbus 16 upper is using the Asics FluidFit technology, the current technology presents an upper made of soft mesh that can be easily stretched around the top of the foot. This feature provides superb personal fit and support for every runner, while it still keeps the breathability of the shoes.

There is another factor that had to be considerable in our review and it is the eyelets, the discrete eyelets are splitting the tension all over the foot in order to improve the personalized fit and comfort. The combining of both the upper and the discrete eyelets creates a fitting environment and an outstanding plush sensation. For a change, we had no any compliments about this part.

Asics gel nimbus 16 review

Upper & Eyelets


Guidance systems & Heel support

Let’s start with the heel system, In this model Asics used the Exoskeletal heel counter as their heel clutching system, The Exoskeletal, which is also have been used in the Kayano 21 model, is clutching the heel area in order to support it and we have to say that it’s doing the job well. Besides of that, this system also provides a suited environment for the heel while remaining the foot stable. Although we don’t have the women’s model of the Nimbus sixteen, we found that Asics extended the height by 3mm to help aid Achilles tension.  

Ok, so lets move to the guidance systems, there are three major guidance properties that combined and connected together in order to create perfect gait cycle. The first one is the guidance line – a flex groove in a shape of a line, placed along the bottom of the shoes. The guidance line has designed to improve your step land motion. The other one is the “Guidance trusstic system”, this particular system is related to the midfoot and responsible for a stable connection between the forefoot and the rarefoot. This connection is providing a smooth transition between the edge parts of the foot. In the Nimbus 16 Asics updated the trusstic system and the results in our running tests were amazing, it confers outstanding smooth movement of the feet on the ground while running, definitely a successful improvement.

nimbus 16 review

Blue – Trusstic System, Red – Guidance Line

The last feature in the guidance systems category is the I.G.S – Impact Guidance System, unlike the previous guidance properties the current one is associated with the heel. The I.G.S allows the foot to perform a more natural heel to toe movement. The I.G.S system is doing pretty well, but, for our opinion this system get older and require some improvements.

gel nimbus 16 review

I.G.S System

The sockliner & inner shoe

For those who familiar with the latest Asics releases, we don’t have any news for you about this section, for newbies and Asics beginner consumers we can provide some useful knowledge. Like all the latest Asics running shoes, the sockliner that has been used is the “Comfordry sockliner”. The structure of this sockliner contains double cushioning layer combined with slow regenerating foam with anti-microbial properties for a healthier, drier and cooler environment. The benefits to the runners with this sockliner are additional cushioning, individual customized insole and anti-microbial properties. We have to mention one important point here, for our opinion the sockliner sole wear out easily quick, there are people who seeing this as a good thing and there are who don’t, it depends on a personal feeling.

Colors, Sizes & other editions

In this section, we are going to describe the product colors choices, sizes, special editions and even helping in color choosing.

  • The Asics gel nimbus 16 women’s regular edition available in 3 different color combinations and the regular combination is “Hot Pink with Green”.
  • The Asics gel nimbus 16 men’s regular edition available in 3 different color combinations and the regular combination is “White & Black with Royal”.

The Nimbus 16 has two special editions, the first one is the Lite-Show Edition that grants the “Glow in the dark” feature. The second edition is the NYC Edition that offers great new colors, we think that the NYC edition is the best looking design but that just our opinion.

The Asics gel nimbus 16 available widths are D-standard, 2E-wide, 4E-extra wide.



  • Excellent soft cushioning.
  • Comfortable padding in upper.
  • Outstanding durability.
  • Customized insole
  • Plush and Luxurious feel.


cross iconCONS

  • Heavy in comparing to another running shoes.
  • High price tag.


Consumer Ratings

According to the top e-commerce websites the average rating of the Nimbus 16 is good, we found this model recommended by satisfied consumers. The Nimbus 16, like the rest of the Nimbus running shoes series, is one of the bestsellers in the running shoes category.


As you know, every great product has a price and that is one of the main downsides at the Nimbus 16. In comparing to another cushion running shoes, the Nimbus sixteen is expensive, the retail price is quite expensive. Although the high price, did you know that the retailers will charge a lower price for a product if you choose a different color? Just click on the different color choices for this product on Amazon and see which colors are cheaper than the others.

Summary & Our opinion

We think that the Nimbus 16 is an excellent choice for runners who looking for a great cushioning shoe, for our opinion the price is slightly unfair, but you have to keep in mind that despite the price it is the best cushioning shoe available in the market today. The Nimbus sixteen has designed for natural and mild underpronators runners, Marathon and long tracks runners will enjoy from the features of this shoe. If you are overpronators or have flat feet you will need some adjustments in order to benefit the maximum from this shoe.


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